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W Anand Kumar Goud

Good thought, When we are all good passion like all business and jobs in private and Govt sectors then only we will successes.

Ramakrishna GOUD

I will support gouds.

Neella Srikanth Goud

Super Idea.


I will support our gouds, am from medchal.

Ediga Ganesh

Best of luck.

Shiva Goud


Meka Jai Baskar Gowd

Among gowda caste unity will come on only when ever gowda people add caste in their name end . Oficially in documentations.

Seelam Satya Krishna

Bring unity among our goud caste members

Venkannababu Mukku

Pass the information to all Gouds then only we can make them united.

Mekapotula Saidulu goud

Jai ho Gouds.

Mekapotula Saidulu goud

Jai ho Gouds.

RB Goud

Jai Gouda.... Jai jai Gouda

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