About GoudCommunity

Reason behind www.goudcommunity.com website is to bring all Goud Community people to one place, carry many online and offline activities for better Socio-Economic-Politico future of GoudCommunity. We have taken the 1st initiative to join all on GOUD COMMUNITY. We have build this website for Gouds in ALL Sense, We have scripted future & we will build strong Goud community.

We are taking steps to resolve the problems of Gouds, but for our achieving goals we need all of your support(help), then only we can be a developed Goud community. We assure you of Transparency of what we are doing financially and socially.

We will put list of Donors, Receivers on website, which will raise confidence, trust in donors to do more for our Goud Community. Gouds might be donating money to many Organizations or sponsoring many social activities, but now lets build hands to help GoudCommunity our people to empower them socially, economically and politically for better future of our Generations.

One of Our Important PLAN/MISSION is to Raise Funds for RESEARCH on Tati Chettu, Tati Kallu, Eetha Chettu, Eetha Kallu to know the different medicinal values of Kallu, Neera & also to find out different uses of Tati chettu & Eetha chettu like Tati chettus are planted on river banks to strenghten it, previously plam branches are used for construction of houses etc.

Apart from this I request all Gouds to Donate for supporting economically backward old Toddy Tappers & there Families.

Share the website with Friends, Family, Community & Register with GoudCommunity to Post Jobs, Events for community people.

Lastly Post Priority ADS on our website at low cost to promote your business and development of GoudCommunity.